Success’s To-Do List

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As a young person today, it’s so easy to live on the knife’s edge of hope and hopelessness. It seems like fantastic success and utter failure are both equally likely for most of today’s young workers. It feels like, sometimes, you’re only ever one deal away from clinching that massive promotion that will catapult you up the corporate ladder to the corner office. And, other times, it feels like no matter how hard you’ve worked, or how badly you want it, it’s just never going to happen for you.

When I think what my life might look like, I often think about what my responsibilities would be. In the scenario where I’m successful and living the life I’ve always dreamed of, I picture my list of chores to look a little something like, “Time to replace spa pump — it gets used very often”, and “Call the dealership about that upgrade they’ve been offering me for my car — they got the latest model in the colour that I wanted”. Things like that. But, then I also think about the list as I would write it as a man barely scraping by, living hand-to-mouth. It would include things like, “Find a job,” and “Take out that third bank loan — I hope they give it to me.”

I can see a life well-lived in front of me, and work hard every day to achieve that. Being from a small town, not much was expected of me, or any of my friends. And, granted, some kids I grew up with lived up to that expectation. But me — I want something more. I want that efficient spa covers in Sydney pump on my list of things to do. I want to opportunity to say that I’ve had friends and family over, who have enjoyed my beautiful house so much with me, that it’s time to get a new one. And that one will work even harder, because I will invite even more love and people into my homemade and my life. 

I’ll have that amazing job that I’ve worked so hard for. I’ll gladly spend those long nights at the office, followed by early mornings. I’ll do all of this because of that very knife’s edge that I feel so acutely as a young person right now. Because it shows me how close I am. Yes, close to failure. But close to success, too. And choosing fall on the side where I’m happy, instead of where I would always wonder what my life would have bee like, well that is entirely my choice.