3 Tiny Details That Can Spruce Up Your Wedding

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Among the many milestones and occasions we experience in life, getting married is probably one of the most momentous ones. It marks new chapter, a new life, new hopes and dreams ahead for every couple. Although exciting, a wedding needs a lot of prep work, and more often than not, some details could be missed out. The bride and groom-to-be, along with their families, will be busy preparing for all the things that could make the upcoming wedding successful and perfect as ever. The main things that are usually covered months before the actual wedding are the venue, the wedding gown, dresses and suits, some paperwork, the food/buffet, Mackay wedding flowers and invitations that are to be sent out to expected guests.Aside from these, what makes a wedding perfect and “Instagrammable” are the tiny details that can add some charm to the event. If you want to make sure that your wedding day is extra special, take note of these 3 details below:

  • A Themed Backdrop/Selfie Station
    In this day and age, every event should be picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy, and weddings are not an exception! Give your guests a “photography corner” that is complete with minimalist decor and a fun backdrop. The station should be decorated according to the theme or motif of the wedding, and guests should be able to take pictures there while waiting for the wedding to start.
    • Fairy Lights
      If your wedding (and reception) will be held in the late afternoon until the evening, using fairy lights is a great way to add some charm to the venue. It doesn’t have to be used as the area’s main lighting, but it can also be used as decorative backdrop. Fairy lights can also be used as charming centerpieces. They can be placed inside Mason Jars to give the wedding table a quaint light decor that can go well with Roses, other types of flowers and cutlery.
      • The Grand Entrance
        Most couples concentrate on decorating the altar and forget about sprucing up the grand entrance and the aisle. This also needs a lot of work, but a nicely-decorated entrance makes for a more memorable wedding (and it would look great in the pictures too!). So fill up the church door with flowers, cover up the aisle with your own version of a red carpet, and dot the aisle with decorative markers by tying satin ribbons to chairs or putting up flowery decors along the aisle. For outdoor weddings, the grand entrance could be made by putting up a vintage door, or setting up a rustic-inspired open door.

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